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Welcome to the first day of operations for the new This Way West site.

You might have noticed, if you were one of the few that wandered over to the site, that TWW has received a bit of a face lift. In lieu of delving in to what we are trying to do here you can check out our “About” page. Before you get all click crazy on this new thing let me point some things out:

1. The first TWW Daily Feed you are reading here is the ONLY post that currently exists on the site. We have a bunch waiting in the wings that we are revising for the new site. For now most of the posting will be the Daily Feed.

2. There are not categories under the “Articles” menu because we are still putting that section together.

3. The site is a work in progress. Duh.

The key, really, is to check back often, email us with suggestions and watch us grow. Thanks again to Ryan Putnam ( for the new look. Hope you enjoy!

The Feed

This one was all over the internet about a week ago, the MRI picture of a sedentary 70 year old’s thighs compared to a 70 year old triathlete’s thighs. Fair to say that sitting around in to old age isn’t really an option if you want some kick ass MRI shots later on in life.

For some reason January was the month to focus on the dirty underbelly of the bike theft world. Outside Magazine did a huge piece about it which managed to make its way around the internet (and on to – which should make a point of never hosting a well researched story about bike theft). Yes, bike thieves suck. This sign about it is far more entertaining than Outside’s article.

Want to eat a diet that will make you a skinny cyclist with a suspiciously high red blood cell count? Check this out:’s guide to 14 ways to eat like a Tour de France cyclist.

Those of us who live at altitude (TWW is at 6,000+ feet) tell ourselves that training high is to our benefit and gives us an advantage over the flat landers. Apparently that might not be true, as the Australian swimming team found out. The only problem with this study is that Australians are not Americans. And Americans are way more awesome and definitely benefit from high altitude training. Suck it Australia!

The snow in the West has been fairly horrible this year resulting in a crappy ski days and some pretty crazy avalanche issues. Colorado has seen a spurt of deaths located on resort accessed pitches. When it does snow the danger level skyrockets. Check out Stuck in the Rockies’ post demonstrating the sensitivity of the snow pack. And stay safe.

Finally, because it is winter and summer seems so far away, we like to constantly remind ourselves that beaches, surfing and girls randomly bathing in architecturally modern settings are right around the corner. Enjoy the day.


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