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Denver woke up today to a massive blizzard. Good news for the kiddies. Not good news for the snow reports. Most of the bigger mountains (Breckenridge, Vail, Keystone) reported little or no snow. Although somehow 1 inch of snow is enough for Vail to label its condition status as “powder.” If you are in to Echo Mountain leave work right now and get in the car. It has 24″ of new snow.

Snow report sampling: Echo Mountain (24″), Eldora (10″), Monarch (5″), Aspen Mountain (2″), Breckenridge (2″), Winter Park (1″).

As you can see, the closer to the Front Range the mountain is the more snow it received. Interestingly, Aspen labeled its condition status as “packed powder”, not yet retaliating against Vail for their “powder” claim or Vail’s effort at creating a creepy European village vibe along a gigantic interstate.

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Christo, the artist known for draping huge pieces of fabric over buildings and other structures is attempting to cover a section of the Arkansas River in Colorado. A non-profit is fighting back. The group’s name is ROAR (Rags Over the Arkansas River). I always wonder how long it takes new groups to come up with a name just so they can have a cool acronym.

Portland Food and Drink has its usual, excellent, post up containing the Valentine’s Day Events for the Portland restaurant scene. Great if you are planning a lovely evening out. Or driving your single ass in to the bottom of a bottle of wine.

If you are hiking near Silverton, Colorado beware: sheep dogs are on the prowl and they will hunt you down.

Sweat Science has a synopsis of a study up showing that massage after working out does produce some positive benefits (recent studies have shown that massage does not move lactic acid out of the muscles as once thought). The recent study seems to demonstrate that an after workout massage helps reduce inflammation. Good news for adherents to body work.

The guy that started Stumptown has a new restaurant in Portland’s Southeast section. The Woodsman Tavern is open for business and will become the coolest restaurant on your block until it suddenly opens a franchise location in Brooklyn.

And for your Friday reminder to get out of your office, on to a mountain or a trail somewhere and enjoy being a part of the outside world; a lovely time lapse video of a Week in Montana:

A Week In Montana from Preston Kanak on Vimeo.

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